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We believe local is everything so we keep everything local. Every vendor and venue we associate with is from right here in Hamilton, making sure everything is put back into the city.

We're here to not only to help you plan your big days but show you some places you might not know much about. 

We tour the city and bring you along with us.

What We do


Your Events

 No matter what stage your event is at, anything from a dream to almost complete and just needing on-site event coordination, we're there to help.

We have everything you need to make it happen. A casino themed surprise party? Check. A Disney style trivia night? Check. Boy Band Karaoke? Check!

You ask for it, we'll make it happen and keep your guests happy.


Our Events

We partner with venues across Hamilton to bring some fun in and keep your patrons entertained.  We're currently running regular Trivia Nights, Comedy Shows, Bingo Nights and more and would love to add your establishment to our list!


Team Building Experiences

Whether you're looking to reward your staff for a busy season or help improve lines of communication, let us help! We have a list of options (Trivia Games, Improv Classes, Comedy Shows and so much more) perfect to get the brain moving.

We can set up at a private location or run it in the comfort of your own office.

Our Specialites

What's Coming Up?

What's Coming Up?


  • Social, Corporate and Fundraiser Events
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • On-Site Coordination
  • Trivia Nights
  • Team Building Nights

What's Coming Up?

What's Coming Up?

What's Coming Up?


See what we've got planned next by checking out our Events Calendar

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Have an idea but need that little push? Looking to bring some entertainment to your establishment? 

Stop by the office sometime for some coffee! Hours listed below, evenings by appointment only.

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